Climate Justice, Equity & Reparation

Conditional Optimism on Climate Change

Oliver Sacks “The Machine Stops”

“neurological catastrophe on a gigantic scale”

Some say that there is no environmental crisis on Spaceship Earth, only a human crisis that is now affecting the whole ‘sapiens’ species which is impacting on the entire planet. Human worldviews, beliefs and behaviour have a moral and, some would say, spiritual, dimension. Heller’s Map of Existential Beliefs provides a framework into which basic ideologies can be placed. 4 world Views . These four world view are elaborated in Beliefs Map Article

The relationship between nature & society and ‘the end of nature’ is explored in this review of an essay by the author of ‘Fossil Capital’.

Various religious and spiritual traditions, both Eastern and Western, have much to contribute to matters relating to a sustainable future and a safe operating space (SOS) on Spaceship Earth.

One unusual and little known belief system is that of Jainism that lives according to principles of non-violence (ahimsa) and respect for all living creatures. This short blog from MAHB introduces these principles and relates them to sustainability issues.

DENIAL –  “5 characteristics” video (9 mins); Christian fundamentalists’ objections to climate science; Why aren’t we more concerned about climate change?

HUMAN NATURE “Greed” – an award winning DW film (90 mins.); The Future of Insanity – crowd behaviour & the internet;The dangers of humiliation as a tactic; McKibben vs. Savulescu on hope for human nature & non-violent resistance (from “Falter: Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out? “; 

PSYCHOLOGICAL RESPONSES – TED talk on the psychology of climate action; Doing Good Better– book on Effective Altruism (EA) guide to charitable action: ‘how many people benefit from a given cause, and by how much?’  ‘What are the chances of success?  Joanna Macy– interview with 87-year old eco-philospher about acceptance of current catastrophic reality;  Denial of existential threats  – William Rees – ‘we are clever enough to document the collapse of modern civilization, yet not nearly smart enough to extricate ourselves from our self-induced predicament. Mental models and Global Crises;   Emotional  courage (TED Talk); Climate denial as a crime; Collapsing Consciously – book review; Love-Power Institute – empathy training for macho leaders; Psychological resilience in turbulent times; Notes on RRW; Emotional responses to climate change; Changing anxiety into action; 

MORAL RESPONSES – Archbishop of Canterbury – the moral opportunity offered by climate change – love thy neighbour and God’s creation: A new hedonism: a post-consumerism vision – environmental philospher Kate Soper;  Artist’s response to climate change; A parent’s response; Monbiot: Out of the Wreckage; Faith and Economic Growth; Transformation Resilence – dealing with crisis; Monbiot inspired by School Strikes 4 Climate; ENOUGHNESS – video; XR (Extinction Rebellion) – moral duty; Lifeboat Earth – greed vs. people;

MYTHS for the Anthropocene dystopia ; Harari’s fictions criticised – by Jeremy Lent; Advertising as ‘mind-hacking’ – Monbiot; Socialism for the Rich – ‘taxes are bad’myth; Happiness vs. economics; 

ECO-MODERNISM -the idea that we can harness technology to decouple society from the natural world; FALC – fully automated luxury communism;

DEEP ADAPTATIONAfter we stop pretending (Dougald Hines)



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