This section includes workshops developed by David Oldroyd and Pawel Kojs on the theme of Spaceship Earth for use in secondary schools and higher education.

LECTURES (Slides & Handouts)

Adaptive Leadership: Problem of the Boiling Frogs – (OSKKO Congress, Krakow, Sept 2017 )

Oldroyd Spaceship Earth presentation – COP24 Climate Hub, Krakow, 7 Dec 2018) Spaceship Earth presentation short notes

Redefining Development in the Anthropocene Epoch (Jagiellonian University, Krakow, November 2017)

 Prospects 4 Spaceship Earth in the Anthropocene (LO3 Katowice, March 2019)

WORKSHOPS (Slides & Activities)

Saving Spaceship Earth – English with Polish (Radzionkow Secondary School, June 2014)

Saving Spaceship Earth – English Version (Radzionkow Secondary School, June 2014)

Adaptive Educational Leadership (School Leaders’ Conference, Krakow, June, 2015 – with Pawel Kojs)

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