“Saving Spaceship Earth” (with Polish)

This second one-hour workshop presented in Poland at a conference organised by the Silesia Botanical Garden is an improved version of SSE (English). It adds more photographic material and also the theme of ‘S’ curves (sinusoidal curves producing equilibrium) and ‘G’ (geometric/exponential curves leading to infinite growth) sum up the unsustainable impact of the Human Machine World upon the balance of Nature. An easy way of calculating the doubling times of percentage growth rates is introduced. The most basic difference between workshops 1 and 2 is the use of a second language on the slides.  This proved invaluable for both the participants and the interpreter during the workshop.

The power point slides are presented here in pdf:

SSE workshop slides Eng + Pol This 38-slide power point presentation is in two languages and includes activities for the participants. The two-language slides assisted the Polish secondary students in learning English as well as in developing an understanding of the crash course that Spaceship Earth is on between the exponential growth of human impacts and the finite limits of ‘Spaceship Earth’, our self-regulating planet.

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