“Saving Spaceship Earth” (English version)

This workshop was presented in a secondary school in Radzionkow, Poland  in January 2014.  I would like to share the materials which are now all in English, although I used a combination of English and Polish with the thirty 17-year old students who attended the 90-minute session, inserted into their geography course.  These links are to the material that I am happy to make available for CASE followers to adapt for their own use. Follow-up from the workshop is now under way with a group of ten of the students and their geography teacher who are planning a project to make an ‘ecological map’ of their small town Radzionkow in Upper Silesia and set up a local website in collaboration with the town council. A conference in the town in May 2014 will add to this community action. A version of the powerpoint presentation will be presented to other students, teachers and townsfolk at that conference.

SAVING SPACESHIP EARTH short version – a short outline of the workshop

SSE powerpont slideshow – this slide show is elaborated by the notes in the link below

RADZIONKOW Notes for the slides – step-by-step notes for slides and activities used in the workshop

Radzionkow KEY WORDS[1] – new terminology for some of the students was identified and defined, in this case with Polish equivalents

Radzionkow handout PLANETARY BOUNDARIES – this handout for the Planetary Boundaries slide (from the Stockhom Resilience Centre)  was provided for one of the activities

10 Ideas for action – after the workshop ideas for follow-up community action were proposed for any interested students to consider. Those highlighted in yellow were the ones chosen to take forward.

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