WHAT TIME IS IT? Context Institute Course

There are many serious attempts by individuals and groups to take action, whether personal or communal, on behalf of sustaining Spaceship Earth, as is the case with our CASE initiative whose blog  offers links to many of them.  The long-established Context Institute is one of these driven by Robert Gilman a former astrophysicist’s passion for community action . Here is an extract from its website:

Context Institute is an independent non-profit organization, founded in 1979 by Robert and Diane Gilman, devoted to helping all of us create the best possible 21st century we can — for each of us, for our communities, and for all of life. We are one of a handful of organizations that have focused on sustainability as a central theme for more than 30 years, and we are internationally recognized as an authority in this area.

 Robert Gilman has recently posted a clearly presented, free-online,  course of lecture presentations entitled “What time is it?” that provide a splendid historical context for how we need to shift our cultures from what he calls the ‘Empire Era’ to  the emerging ‘Planetary Era’  –

Each of the five videos lasts between 16 and 23 minutes and all are particularly relevant to the ‘big picture’ thinking that is needed about Spaceship Earth and its prospects. Slides used in the presentation can be downloaded to be used in one’s own teaching. Gilman is still positive about the prospects for a sustainable future:  “The reasons our society deals so poorly with the issues we are facing today are a matter of changeable culture more than fixed human nature. The key to understanding the core challenge of our times is to realize that we have inherited most of our institutions, values and concepts from a very different time in history. However well they worked when they were created, they no longer fit today’s contexts: population, technology, economic and environmental . They aren’t working to solve today’s problems because they weren’t developed in or for today’s context.Transforming our cultures to fit our new reality is the core challenge of our times.

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