Permaculture in a Brown Tech Future

This link is to the site of David Holmgren, an Australian permaculture activist who has pioneered sustainable agriculture and living for local self-sufficiency for 40 years. The link is to a keynote address that he gave in March 2015 but also to some of his additional writing , including the influential essay Crash On Demand: Welcome to the Brown Tech Future written in 2013.

Holmgren is also featured in this documentary film (2016) that followed the creation in Australia of a permaculture settlement, based in the principles of radical simplicity. Permaculture is both about natural sustainable/regenerative agriculture and about bulding permanent cultures, i.e. intentional communities.

I was impressed by the notion that sustainabililty needs to be augmented by ‘regenerative’ action in the local cycle of production & consumption and that localisation (ending long supply chains) can actually work in practice. The film also deals with the big issues and concludes: “localise or die”; “form groups where we can change an ‘I’ to a ‘We'”; intentional communities; inter-personal relationship skills – how to put the group above the individual; conflict resolution; accommodation of variety of styles of living; post-growth economy requires new type of monetary system (free from credit); imagination, creativity, teamwork; towards integrity.
The film (80 minutes) consists of  interviews with participants in the experiment and with well-known permaculture advocates. It  does not underestimate the social and psychological challenges of community-building but makes for very inspiring viewing.

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