Four prescriptions for the future

This blog from the Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB) has two particularly interesting graphs. One compares human fertility with energy consumption and the other offers insight into the ratio between biogeochemical flux and anthropogenic flux. The latter graph was new to me as was the conclusion that “One-third of the rising CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere is due to population growth vs. 2/3 to increasing resource use”.

The author William H. Schlesinger, President, The Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies  in the US concludes his essay with four prescriptions for the future (of Spaceship Earth):

1. reduce population and stabilize the human population by universal family planning and the empowerment of women;

2. reduce resource use by taxing carbon-based fossil fuels and other resources to reflect their full impact on our environment;

3. regulate and tax the inherent greed in our species,

4. preserve habitat for the species that share the planet with us. We can be sapiens if we care to be.

Embrace the blue planet.

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