The above graph has been termed by Jeremy Williams ‘one of the most important graphs in the world’. It suggests that the planet became full at current rates of human impact around 1970. It is taken from the WWF Living Planet Report published in September 2014 which is a combination of bad and good news. The good news is that in civil society a new global movement is spreading that is seeking to mobilise private and public sectors to reverse the accelerating size of the human global footprint of Spaceship Earth. The bad news was reported in this post.

Predicting or ‘modelling’ the future is and inexact process but one prediction made 42 years ago by a computer model at the MIT has now been found to be remarkably accurate.  The bad news for Spaceship Earth and its passengers is that the model predicted exponential growth in five interacting  key variables leading to collapse of global systems, possibly some time between 2015 and 2030. The research was summarised in a Guardian article on 02.09.2014.

Paul Gilding in his TED talk certainly presents a convincing case that the earth is full.

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