The Earth in the Cosmos

Few people can see things at the global scale. The size of Spaceship Earth is too big for ordinary direct perception. The famous Earthrise photo in 1968 helped us  to grasp the finite nature of the  vast planet and images of the whole Earth are now commonplace.Earth_Eastern_Hemisphere

Despite the apparent vastness of our planetary home (diameter 12742 kms; circumference 40041 kms.) its insignificance within the scale of the cosmos (universe) is almost completely beyond imagination. Our solar system, with its orbiting planets, centres around the Sun which is just one of around 400 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Milky Way Galaxy is one of around 100 billion galaxies.  The probability that there must be organic life elsewhere in this unimaginably vast cosmos seems very high, but the distances between habitable planets like the Earth have so far defied our species from locating extra-terrestrial complex life. This section of the website contains resources to help us grasp the scale of the cosmos and the location of the Earth within it.

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