In the 1960s Paul Ehrlich incorrectly predicted in his book The Population Bomb that the population explosion would lead to a major breakdown of society by the end of the 20th century. Ehrlich’s prediction got the projected date wrong because the Machine World has been able to use fossil fuels, genetic engineering, chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides to allow food production and distribution to keep pace with a tripling of human population. Ehrlich, now a very old but still active academic still keeps up his campaign popularise the often taboo issue of population control on an overshot planet. In this blog from his MAHB website he argues the case against the notion of a human right for individuals to produce as many children as they wish. Clearly, adding more humans to the already unsustainable load of passengers on Spaceship Earth is damaging the rights of others for a future of well-being as well as adding to further deterioration of planetary support systems.

Here is a detailed look at how population growth has slowed globally and how further slowing can be brought about. (from Resilience Nov. 2016). It suggests that the carrying capacity of the planet for an affluent life-style for all is 2.7 billion, a reduction of two-thirds on the current total global population.

Food supply may reach a tipping point by 2027 according to this analysis:  Avoiding a food supply tipping point


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