Global Footprint Lesson

The Global Footprint Network is currently running a challenge to teachers and students to become more ecologically literate. This link is to the material for Day 2 of the challenge. Here is an extract from the challenge to students:

Calculate and record your footprint  using the Global Footprint Network’s calculator.

  • What are your results. How many planets does it take to support your lifestyle?
  • Share the three activities in your life that you learned are most carbon-intensive. What surprised you?
  • Tell us two or three things you could change about each activity to make them less carbon-intensive.
  • Now, go back and re-calculate your footprint based on the changes you identified for your three most carbon-intensive activities. How did that affect your final results?
  • Spread the word. Share the link to Global Footprint Network’s calculator with your friends and family on Facebook or Instagram and challenge them to calculate their carbon footprint as well. Share one change that you’ll commit to and tag three people to make the same change in their own lives for the rest of the week (or longer).


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