The Community Action for Spaceship Earth (CASE) initiative came from an educational network ENIRDELM which is dedicated to improving educational leadership and management. CASE is targeted on a broader readership than only educators. It provides resources to inform all citizens about the coming threats to Spaceship Earth and all its passengers. The documents in this section are, however, related to all levels of education.

BARRIERS TO ACTIONPersecution of radical activists  – direct action and mass political mobilising – might be our only hope for building the better world that is still within our reach.  NORRAG article – western-education remains within economic  growth paradigm & thus contributes to existential threats

PERSONAL ACTION Calculate and record your ecological footprint  using the Global Footprint Network’s calculator. A personal examplemea culpa; What to tell the children?   – a mother’s thoughts on fast or slow annihilation; Tithe your time and money – to campaign for enough – Seven laws from a practical guide how to do this; Talk about it – Hayhoe Ted Talk; How to talk about climate disruption – TED Talk vs. ‘apocalypse fatigue’, ‘collapse porn’ & denial; Pro-social behaviour; 6 reasons to take personal actionHow to talk about climate change

LINKS TO PRESS WEBSITESDaily Dose of ResilienceEnergy & Environment News; Truthdig; Common Dreams; Democracy Now; Truthout; Mindful Resistance; Rethink – global resilience; 

LINKS TO ACTIVIST WEBSITES – Global Ecovillage Network; Findhorn Foundation; Shareable; Post Carbon Institute; Make Wealth History; Growth-bustersColorado Springs; The Intercept; Progressive InternationalSanders Institute; Scientists Warning TV (videos); The Anthropocene Project;Age of Awareness; Films for Action; Sustainable Humanyou tube channel; The Next System Project; Holmgren Design – Permaculture; Powering past coal; Collective Evolution; Extinction Rebellion; Greenpeace; E3G; Ocean River Institute – Rob Moir podcasts; greeneconomycoalition.org; Climate Justice Alliance;

LINKS TO ACADEMIC WEBSITES Stockholm Resilience Centre; Oxford Martin SchoolPotsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research;  The Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the BiosphereClimate Change Impacts & Responses; Regeneration or Sustainability?; Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP)Tim Jackson; Earth Institute, Columbia U; The Solutions Journal; Limits2growth– All-party Parliamentary Group;

ECO-HEROESVogt and Borlaug; Monbiot – call for radical action re: earth death spiral; Daniel Christian Wahl – video presentation on Regeneration of Planetary Health; Dave Gardner Hooked on Growth – this Growth-busters video (50 mins,) features several eco-heroes; Naomi Klein; Bill McKibben; Paul Ehrlich; Herman Daly; Johan Rockstrom; Joanne Macy; Al Gore; Buckminster Fuller; Rachel Carson; Guy McPherson; Guy Dauncey; Kenneth Boulding; David Holmgren; Derrick Jensen; Chellis Glendinning; Jeremy Leggett; Katherine Hayhoe – climatologist; Greta Thunberg – girl activist; 12000 march4climate with Thunberg; Rupert Read; Mary Robinson; David Spratt; David Attenborough – “Climate Change: The Facts” (Apl 2019);

COMMUNITY ACTION – Suing governments for climate change – Portuguese students act. Planting trees – many good reasons that enhance well-being. Retrosuburbia – permaculture in the suburbs (David Holmgren); Traffic solutions; Pressure groups; Legal actions against climate change; March 2018 Portugal 100%  renewable! Extinction Rebellion; Students protest; Regenerative Communities – Daniel Wahl article & video; NYC Climate Bill (April 2019); Local council climate emergency planning; UK Student Climate Network – 4 demands;

CORPORATE ACTION WEF Doughnut challenge; agroecology vs. industrial agriculture; CEO donates tax cut to climate movementUniversities should lead for ‘real’ zero carbon;

GOVERNANCE – constitutional change for Earth Citizenship against the corruption of politics by special corporate interests; Green New Deal – US day of action; Support for Green New Deal; UK Foreign aid for climate change;

GLOBAL ACTIONProposal for UN Population Framework Strategy; Legal action against plastics pollution; Plant-based plastic; Foreign aid vs. plastic pollution; WWF video – Fight for the World (1.5 mins.) EXTINCTION REBELLION; Wellbeing Economy Governments – launched Nov 2018 to replace GDP-driven policies; Progressive International – global alliance; Focus on the uber-rich and their corporations; Earth Charter Initiative; Global Deal for Nature needed:

CLASS TEACHING – The-ESD-world – LOtC = Learning outside the classroom; Permaculture Pedagogy to weather and manage change in a highly unpredictable and crisis fraught future; Big History 12 min video “Anthropocene and the near future” ; Education and Survival; UNESCO Teaching & Learning for a Sustainable Future;

WHAT’S WORKING?Human resilienceYouth and grassroots movements,Renewables and car-free citiesOther green technologiesFinance and markets,China’s peak oil and renewable energy targetsPopulation and ageing, and Biodiversity and conservation;2018 good news from META; Giant off-shore wind farm; School strikes for climate action; MAHB Ideas for Actions; Overcoming helplessness (June 2019)

REASONS FOR HOPE;Youth power; 15 Feb 2019 actions; 12 April actions; EXTINCTION REBELLION – non-violent direct action Apl. 2019; Rebellion or apocalypse (Monbiot); Ocean farming;

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