Solar power advances

As this article and its vivid charts and graphs shows, solar power has advanced very rapidly in the US though it is still only the tiniest of to the overall energy budget. Strong lobbying by  vested interests  against solar friendly policies despite 60-80% price drops in solar production the last 3 years. Those who profit from fossil fuels just don’t (yet) see the same return on investment (ROI)  as a 50 year guaranteed rate of return on a natural gas plant (especially when they own the wells tracking the gas).

This article points out that until the advent of large-scale use of fossil fuels around 400 years ago, direct energy from the sun was humanity’s  main source of energy. The 400-year population boom must inevitably end. The logic is that humanity must return to the use of the sun’s direct energy, not that which has been locked up for millions of years.

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