Non-Renewable Energy Resources

Spaceship Earth is using up its non-renewable resources at an alarming rate due to human addition to economic growth made possible by cheap fossil fuel energy. In addition, of course, the huge increase in human population and therefore demand for goods and services, adds to this depletion of finite resources on our planet. This section of the website offers information on fossil and nuclear energy resources – all  non-renewable.

Dec 2015 COP21 report Billionaires pledge to boost the  drive for 100% clean energy – Gates, Zuckermann, Branson to encourage technological investment.

Technological innovations are proceeding rapidly in making the cost of electrical energy produced from non-renewable sources competitive with electricity energy generated from fossil fuels. This article offers an optimistic account of these develelopments. It refers to Chris Goodall’s new book The Switch (Profile Books, 2016), which examines the potential for solar power and the beginnings of a revolution in energy storage. The article end as follows:

[There is a] critical need for three paradigm shifts –away from the dysfunctional neo-liberal world economy, away from a militaristic mindset of meeting threats with force, and away from unsustainable environmental impacts. These arguments are elaborated in a new book, Irregular War: ISIS and the New Threat from the Margins (IB Tauris, 2016). At long last a key element of one of those now really does seem possible, and that is surely cause for just a little celebration.

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