Maldistribution of wealth

This post and the Oxfam Report (19.01.15) address the issue of the remarkable concentration of wealth in the possession of a very small number of the richest people and corporations on Spaceship Earth. And this two part BBC documentary interviews some of the super-rich individuals who have benefited from the post-2008 ‘too big to fail’ rescue of financial institutions and the myth of the ‘trickle-down economy’ that have protected their interests.

People living in extreme poverty has diminished as a proportion of global population, down from 60% in 1920 to 10% now,  but the aggregate number of extremely poor people remains around a billion due to the rapid increase of global population as this article shows. Of course there are huge regional contrasts with Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and the Middle East and North Africa having the greatest proportions of the chronically poor.

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