Food Justice

Food justice is a term that I learned from this short article and video from the Truthout website. A number of organisations are attempting to combat industrialisation of food production and the  related rise of genetically modified seeds upon which monoculture depends.  Monoculture has reduced the diversity of seeds and crops in the most drastic manner in the search for profit by large corporations while at the same time achieving vast surpluses of the now four basic staple crops: Corn, rice, wheat and potatoes.  Huge risks are involved in the gross simplification of the diversity of food production that is dependent on large inputs of chemical fertiliser and pesticides as well as the fossil fuels to drive the massive machines of industrial farming.  Unfortunately, the disconnection of most urban dwellers from the source of their food supplies means that questions of ‘food justice’ are rarely asked beyond a small group of concerned organisations such as those behind the 2014 UK Festival of Seed featured in the video.

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