Corporate agriculture

There are major concerns about the ‘industrialization’ of agricultural production. This affects both crop and animal husbandry. Production is no longer based on natural conditions, but depends on turning farms into factories dependent on mass production by means of massive machines and inputs of large amounts of chemical fertilisers and pesticides to grow genetically modified plants. This radically changes the structure of soils, removing organic content that has accumulated over thousands of years.  It also demands high levels of fossil fuel use to drive the machines. Animals are now treated as raw material, and ‘processed’ and confined in factory-like buildings for the mass production of their products. They are dosed with antibiotics and growth hormones with potential knock-on effects for the humans who consume them.

This article is one of many arising from the community of critics of corporate agriculture. It focuses particularly on Monsanto, the giant pharmaceutical corporation that is much criticised for advancing Machine World processes that maximise profits while overlooking the costs to others of turning agriculture into an exploiter and destroyer rather than a preserver of the Natural World.

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