Short cartoons

The Taker Culture How humans have changed the planet. (3.5 minute cartoon)

7 Billion National Geographic graphics on the 7 billion population total reached Oct 2011 (3 mins.)

How did we get so big so fast?Growth of Human populations (3 mins.)

Global Wealth Inequality – what you never knew you never knew. remarkable graphic representation of the increasing concentration of wealth globally and the huge outflow from poor to rich nations of wealth as a result of ‘the rules’ of trade, aid and the servicing of debt. (4 mins.)

Let’s talk about soilstressing the importance of soil and the current major loss of this precious life-support system (5 mins.)

 The End of Growth  – Richard Heinberg’s book summarised in a 6 minute cartoon

Fracking explained a Kurzgesagt video (6 mins.)

Climate change – a Royal Society explanation in 1 minute.

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