Several catalogues of videos can be found on the internet  which have documentaries or animated cartoons with messages and content relevant to the theme of this CASE resource platform. one such catalogue is Videoneat that covers a wide range of science topics – natural, social and physical. The Story of Earth (90 minutes) is a documentary made in Canada and shown originally on National Geographic Channel that outlines the creative and destructive evolution of our planet from its cosmic origin to its present state.

Top Documentary Films is another catalogue with hundreds of films, 143 titles of which are under the heading of ‘Environment’ and 107 under ‘Nature’ to mention but two headings. ‘Origins’ made in 2014 is a powerful examination of the impact of the Machine World on human health and the environment.

The Pale Blue Dot – Carl Sagan’s famous poetic and inspiring talk on the earth from space (4 mins.)

The consequences of climate change in our lifetimes –  argues that these consequences may be even greater than human corruption, though the ‘corruption’ of the evidence and most likely conclusions about climate change is possibly a greater affront to humanity”. (19 mins.)

Shocking Statistics – Chris Jordan uses supersized images to rouse feelings about enormous and shocking and almost unimaginable statistics about US culture.  (11 mins.)

The most terrifying video you will ever see – a classroom teacher takes a rational look at how to respond to the threat of global climate change (10 mins.)

Doughnut Economics  – Kate Raworth presents a model that integrates planetary boundaries and human development goals for a sustainable future (17 mins.)

Which country does the most good for the world?  – The creator of the Good Country Index outlines the challenge of globalising the solutions to the problems thrown up by globalisation itself. National inward-looking governments act like ‘cultural psychopaths’ that compete in the global market place as if they existed alone on the planet. (18 mins.)

Social Progress Index – makes GDP obsolete as a measure of prosperity and human well-being. (15 mins.)

Why do humans have such a hard time taking the future into account? – the film offers strategies for policymakers and individuals. (30 mins.)    

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