“The most important video you’ll ever see” – the late Prof. Albert Bartlett’s 8-video lecture to undergraduates on the impact of exponential growth already viewed by over 5 million people (60 mins.)

“Critical Thinking on Climate Change: Separating Skepticism from Denial” – a remarkable lecture by Dr Richard Milne of Edinburgh University, with brilliant power point presentation. (60 mins.)

“The Earth is Full” – Paul Gilding on our failure to act in the face of overwhelming evidence of a coming global collapse (16 min.)

 “Proving Nature Wrong” – Ronald Wright. We have a small window of time to manage capitalism to get the future right. What can contemporary policy makers and economists can do to alleviate the pressures of progress. (26 mins.)

“Challenges of the 21st Century: What’s happening to the world?” – Prof. Sir John Beddington’s , former Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government’s lecture at Bath University Feb. 2014 (70 mins.)

“Peak Everything” – a five part video of Richard Heinberg’s lecture on the impact of diminishing supplies of fossil fuels and other resources.

“The Anthropcene Era” – Professor Will Steffen shows us the profound change in the planet since the Industrial Revolution is that now humanity is the single most influential factor in global changes; so much so that we should recognise that now is the age of mankind – The Anthropocene. (18 minutes)

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