Journys: Journal of Youths in Science – a journal for students, by students – a completely student-run science publication featuring original research, reviews, and op-eds from youths under age 20

Kenneth Ewart Boulding (1966) The Economics of the Coming Spaceship Earth’ the seminal article that popularised the metaphor Spaceship Earth and the ‘cowboy economy’ that threatens it.

Jaroslav Kalous (2010) ‘Why we are not sustainable’ [in Novacek, P & Schauer, T Learning from the Future] – a pessimistic analysis of human prospects on the planet.

Namdar, K (2013) ‘Globally Good Educational Leaders: A contribution towards a new discourse in educational leadership’ [in Asku, M Educational leaders as Change Agents: Meeting and Uncertain Future]

Oldroyd, D (2010) Why educational leadership for sustainable development (EL4SD)? – the case for educational leaders to take the predicament of our times more seriously.

Jonathan Rowson (2013) A New Agenda on Climate Change: Facing up to stealth denial and winding down on fossil fuels a survey-based report from the Director of the RSA Social Brain Centre in the UK.

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