This epic picture illustrates the metaphor that is the theme of this website. Our planet is a finite planet upon which the impact of our species (‘the passengers’) is now exceeding the ‘spaceship’s’ capacity to sustain the viability of the human and many other species (the biosphere aka ‘the crew’) in the years ahead. There is no Planet ‘B’.

The website has 2 categories (see  left margin) relating to the future of Spaceship Earth:

    1. To provide a weblog of POSTS current personal concerns and links.
    2. To create a resource platform of PAGES as a thematic catalogue relevant materials.

I welcome comments and new items from readers who share these concerns and a desire to do something about the exponential trajectory of current human (‘Machine World’) impacts on the Natural World (the ‘life support system’ for our continuing existence & well-being).

The Earth is a Miracle (video)

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