This section contains items to feed our hope for a sustainable future.  We need to maintain hope, if not full confidence, that our species – the human passengers of Spaceship Earth – have the capacity and compassion to preserve their only planetary  home for future generations and the other species in the precious web of life.

Good news would of course be that future scenarios for global civilisation avoid collapse and lead to long-term survival for coming generations, not only of humans but other sentient species and the ecosystems on which we all depend. David Holmgren refers to the “Lifeboat Scenario”; Pat Murphy to the “Curtainment & Community Scenario” as the more likely long-term down-sized and localised possible futures that will emerge as the most viable options following a collapse of a complex globalised “Business-as-usual”, fossil fuel dependent future. Some hope for a “Green Technology” way of avoiding collapse. For example, efforts are underway to create sustainable cities as this article on Masdar City illustrates. The population of 40000 is a fraction of daily increase of global population (230000) rising to a predicted 9 billon humans on the planet by 2040. Nevertheless, it is a step in the right direction,  if the energy supplies on which it depends can be sustained.

This Guardian article from October 2016 has good news on renewable electricity with excellent graphs. China is way ahead in creating capacity.

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