What’s Possible?

A four minute film made for the UN Climate Summit in Lima: What’s Possible, on the Urgency of Global Warming
Lyn Davis Lear and Louie Schwartzberg, creators of the stunning film narrated by Morgan Freeman that premiered before world leaders at the 2014 UN climate summit talk to Bill Moyers about what they hope to achieve with it. (Aired on September 23, 2014).

Four natural ways to capture CO2 from the atmosphere are summarised in this blog from Jeremy Williams. And Williams follows up in Sept 2016 with this blog on negative emissions dealing with land management, technologies and geoengineering  as three ways of slowing down the accumulation of greenhouse gas in the global atmosphere. Of course, eliminating emission-producing human activities is by far the greatest need if anthropogenic global warming is to be held in check.

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