Climate mayhem?

This article calls for a much stronger word to replace ‘disruption’ or ‘change’ that captures the root cause of what is happening to the global climate. ‘Mayhem’ is the chosen word in this strong piece. Here is a taster from the article:

Climate Mayhem. Let’s start being honest with ourselves. Words have power. Our political leaders and their corporate sponsors are engaged in thermo-chemical warfare on Planet Earth, recklessly placing all life forms at grave risk for the sole purpose of aggregating obscene wealth and power. The solutions to the climate crisis are not complicated. We simply need to convert from fossil fuels to renewable energy and from chemically intensive monoculture to sustainable agro-ecology. The only thing that is stopping us is the moral turpitude of politicians and bad public relations on our part. In order to begin holding corrupt politicians to task, we must begin by speaking truth to power and counteracting corporate media-driven propaganda.

This crisis is not about warm weather, it’s not about change – it’s about grievous injury, wanton destruction and mass extinction.


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