Long-term perspectives on global warming

This remarkable time  line cleverly and humorously puts global temperature fluctuations through time into a frightening perspective.

This article exposes the inadequacy of the Paris agreement to limit carbon emissions. Here is an extract:

Human civilisation has flourished over the last 11,000 years under relatively stable climate conditions and sea levels in a period known as the Holocene, which has provided a “safe operating space” for global societal development. However, we have already left the Holocene temperature range. Reestablishing Holocene conditions of less than 325 ppm CO2e would be safe for humanity, especially given that so much of human civilisation comprises coastal settlement and delta/flood plain agriculture. A small global warming above the level of the Holocene begins to generate a disproportionate warming on the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets. Even a moderate sea level rise of 1–2 metres in less than a century would produce a change in coastlines that is unprecedented for human civilisation. These circumstances constitute the climate emergency.

What will the world look like in 500 years? – a series from The Atlantic that looks at technological myths such as Kurzweill’s ‘singularity’, space colonisation, climate stabiisation, etc.

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