A deeper look at climate change

This article from Yale Climate Connections is a detailed statistical comparison of a variety of modelling of trends past and present relating to the scientific study of climate change. It offers several graphs and is unequivocal about the long-term upward trends affecting our atmosphere in the Anthropocene Age that we are living through.

These six graphs explain climate change concerns prior to the COP 21 meeting in Paris in December 2015.

This Oxfam briefing details the extreme differences in responsibility for CO2 emissions relating to life style   between and withing countries. It was published at the time of the December 2015  Climate COP21 gathering in Paris.

Here is a reflection on the outcome of the COP21 Climate Agreement made in Paris in December 2015. It injects a note of scepticism into the euphoria that an agreement was achieved.

This Chatham House Report is called Changing Climate; Changing Diets: pathways to lower meat consumption . It highlights the link between meat consumption and CO2 emissions. Meat production is estimated to be responsible for as much greenhouse gas emission as is global transportation. ‘Demand for animal protein is growing. Global consumption of meat is forecast to increase 76 per cent on recent levels by mid-century. A ‘protein transition’ is playing out across the developing world: as incomes rise, consumption of meat is increasing. In the developed world, per capita demand for meat has reached a plateau, but at excessive levels. Among industrialized countries, the average person consumes around twice as much as experts deem healthy. In the United States, the multiple is nearly three times. This is not sustainable.’

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