Carbon Neutrality targets

A sign of the change in political sensitivity towards climate & ecological breakdown is a new competitive scramble between UK politicians, both local and national, to out do each other in setting targets to achieve zero carbon emissions. Jeremy Williams in 3 blogs, updates on this encouraging scramble following the UK government’s acceptance that we are now facing a climate EMERGENCY. Here, here and here.

A taster from the blogs:

Finally, consider that globally, banks have invested well over 1 trillion pounds in new fossil fuel projects just since the Paris talks in 2015. If we fail to transition to a green economy, it will not be because we don’t have enough money. It will be because too many people are betting that there is more profit in destroying the future than in protecting it.

Steps towards carbon neutrality suggested by George Monbiot:

  1. Change the system that is driven by private accumulation of wealth.
  2. Stop equating human welfare with economic growth @ 3%
  3. Leave fossil fuels in the ground
  4. Restore ecological systems by massive re-wilding (especially forests and marshlands)
  5. Adopt a plant-based diet (70% of agricultural land is used for meat and dairy production)
  6. Stop flying (currently 100000 scheduled flights per day)