politician with vision

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (known as AOC) is a young democratic socialist woman in the US Congress who is promoting the Green New Deal and is raising the alarm about climate change. This article from Common Dreams contains a creative 7 minute video that invites us to see a future in which the current denial and delay on the part of vested interests in the corporate world and government are replaced by a major shift towards preserving the planet for future generations.

It comes at a time when awareness about the urgency of climate change is spreading rapidly. Last night BBC TV aired David Attenborough’s stark warning in his Netflix series “Our Planet” (perhaps an anthropomorphic error of a title?) in the episode ‘Climate: The facts’ and this week Extinction Rebellion civil disobedience is making headlines around the world with demands to have governments declare a climate emergency. Also Greta Thunberg here spoke to EU MEPs this week appealing to them to make climate change and several other existential challenges the main issue in the upcoming EU Parliamentary elections.

Naomi Klein pointed to the hope the video could give to people interested in working to change the planet for the better. “This beautiful film helps us imagine a different version of ourselves, and a future in which we decided to come together in the face of crisis, rather than surrender and fall apart,”

Update on Greta Thunberg