This press release on 13 March followed a UN Environmental Protection Agency meeting in Nairobi. It starts with three points:

  • Even if Paris Agreement goals met, Arctic winter temperatures will increase 3-5°C by 2050 compared to 1986-2005 levels.
  • Thawing permafrost could wake ‘sleeping giant’ of more greenhouse gases, potentially derailing global climate goals.
  • Ocean acidification and pollution also posing major threats to Arctic

This locked-in heating that threatens a tipping point that will release stored greenhouse gases will not be prevented even if Paris Climate Agreement targets for curbing emissions are achieved which seems highly unlikely. Despite the hope expressed in my last post, this is but one tipping point of many now possible due to the exponentially growing impact of human activity on the natural world. Rockstrom’s presentation “Beyond the Anthropocene” sets out a range of 12 other tipping points which are linked to heating of the planet (Spaceship Earth). His brilliant presentation given in January 2017 to the World Economic Forum is itself a matter for hope in educating world leaders. Two years on it appears that school strikers are, however, learning faster than government representatives at COP24 who followed-up the Paris Agreement, or indeed all those corporate leaders who are still committed to growing GDP and private wealth as fast as possible irrespective of the planetary consequences for our children’s future.

UNFCCC press release (25th anniversary) on climate change 21 March 2019

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