UN Sec’y Gen – “Immoral … suicidal”

This show of 24 slides issued on 15.12.2018 the last day of the event, has been compiled by Jeremy Leggett to justify the claim made by the UN Secretary General at the COP24 gathering in Katowice Poland about failure to curb greenhouse gas emissions. The outcome of the UNFCCC attempt to reach international agreement looks inadequate as this BBC report suggests. The following extracts suggest why:

“… There are 196 countries in the UN and 192 counties agree,” said Mohamed Nasheed [President of Maldives]”We are just talking about four that do not agree, and these four are taking us hostage.” For the more than 20,000 people attending these talks, the end can’t come quickly enough. The expectation is that it will be Saturday afternoon at the earliest. Some are worried that it could go into Sunday, but most delegates have flights to catch on that date sothe pressure will be on to finish by then …

Poland holds the COP presidency but there is a lot of concern among delegates that they lack an overall picture of what should emerge from the meeting. Most people want to see a strong rulebook, a commitment by countries to raise their ambitions and carbon cutting promises before 2020 and some clarity on how much money will be delivered to poorer countries – as well as when it will arrive. While some negotiators say the Poles are doing a good job in difficult circumstances, many are critical, saying they are responding to the needs of the rich and not the poor.

5 Takeaways from Katowice COP24 – BBC summary 16.12.18

When and where were the poor ever favoured ahead of the rich and powerful?  But greenhouse gas from rich or poor will not differentiate as it warms “Hothouse Earth”,

Climate Agreement survives – despite the ‘strong men’ against

Completely inadequate outcome of COP24“a rulebook that in parts both lacks in substance and is unjust. The resolutions agreed are not enough to prevent disaster, by a long shot.”

10 worst-case climate predictions if 1.5C warming is exceeded.

2 thoughts on “UN Sec’y Gen – “Immoral … suicidal””

  1. Yes, there is need for immediate and strong action. Perhaps we (globally, and locally) can create the political will. To this end, I made a short video with a U.S. audience in mind (not professionally done, but helpful, I hope).


    1. Like your video production, we all can play our ‘moral, non-suicidal’ part, even as 1 in 76000000000 or so of the humans currently surviving on Spaceship Earth. Thanks for the links, Charles, and your encouragement to TALK-JOIN-VOTE in and effort to respond to the daunting challenges resulting from the unintended dangerous consequences of the way societies have modernised. Here in Katowice there will be a meeting of participants in the Climate Hub on 14 Jan to follow up COP24 event with a view to encouraging us to TALK-JOIN-ACT to compensate for the disappointing hosting in Poland of the UN’s Conference of Parties and its inadequate outcomes.


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