2050 renewable target is technically feasible

This presentation of 20 slides by Jeremy Leggett demonstrates how the world supply of energy could be free of fossil fuels by 2050. Leggett is in the business of solar energy innovation. It is unlikely that the COP24 negotiators in Katowice share his optimism. The vested interests of the big energy producing countries led the US, Saudi Arabia and Russia to disavow the IPCC analysis.

World’s largest shipping line aims for carbon neutrality – Maersk has 20% of world containers shipping trade and has good intentions.


Macron’s tax on fuel creates social backlash – how to decarbonize?

Poland Europe’s top climate denier & coal burning country  – a switch from cheap coal to a more costly low-emission economy is politically unpalatable.

Saudi Arabia, the US, Kuwait and Russia block IPCC report at COP24 – 
big oil and gas producers block recognition of relevant science. 
When climate-cycle feedbacks are taken into account, warming would likely be in the range of 4–5°C, which is considered incompatible with the maintenance of human civilisation.

Forecasts too pessimistic? – Atlantic article 05 Jan 2019 referring to
the 2018 Emissions Gap Report offers new insight into what meaningful climate action will look like. 

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