what can we do?

Prof. Nate Hagens teaches at the University of Minnesota in the US. He gave up his job in Wall Street upon realising what impact exponentially growing, fossil fuel-and debt-based, free-market, corporate capitalism was having on the finite earth. When his students ask WHAT CAN WE DO? the article summarises what he tells them. It relates to

  1. Big Universal Movements
  2. Personal Lifestyles

and adds a few links to important readings.

OLDROYD CLIMATE HUB PRESENTATION –  Slides from the presentation – Spaceship Earth presentation short notes

Greta Thunberg action

And some positive news from US politics? Is A New Green Deal possible in the USA? – the new generation of progressive Democrats (Ocasio-Cortez, et.al.) are promoting a huge climate policy shift resembling the massive response to the original New Deal that reversed the Great Depression of 1929 (The Atlantic article, 5 Dec 2019)

Vision of an Ecological Civilisation -Jeremy Lent (author of “The Patterning Instinct”) MAHB article

Climate activists must challenge economic growth – Resilience article for COP24 activists, 7 Dec 2018

Open Letter supporting Extinction Rebellion – XR has now spread to 35 countries and is supported by 100 leading progressive signatories

The challenge for China  – air-conditioning demands


Welcome to Spaceship Earth (2 mins)

The impossible hamster e(economic growth)

Direct action in Poland -350.org video (6 mins)

Hooked on Growth (50 mins)

Speech for climate justice by Anjali Appadurai at Climate Summit in Durban

 Lecture by Guy McPherson Responding to abrupt climate change” –(75 mins.)

Noam Chomsky lecture on climate change and nuclear war existential crises, 2017

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