COP24 links

Programmed by evolution to discount climate change? – we inherit “psychological distance” from complex future reality. It leads us to behave according to immediate feeling and experience that overwhelms rational calculation about an abstract future.

High Carbon Jamboree – Anderson critique of COP24

Final outcomes – flawed but hope remains (Guardian 17.12.18)

Global HEATING (not just warming) = better term says worried climatologist co-author of “Hothouse Earth” Report

“There will be hell to pay” if no sensible agreement is reached

CNN coverage  

Guardian Editorial 13.12.18 summarises the failure of international cooperation hopes of dealing with global warming due, in large part, to the rise of nationalism

Attenborough speaks for the world’s people  – time is running out (video); UN Secretary General talks of suicidal failure

Simulation game 2040 played by some COP24 delegates – “We got great feedback from players about the way the game made tipping points real”

CO2 emissions reach all time high – timely Global Carbon Project report for COP24 participants to ponder (BBC website article). Contains suggestions for personal action to lower emissions.

At COP24 Greta Thunberg the 15-year old Swedish activist speaks truth to power holders who fail to act and predicts that “people will rise to the challenge” where our leaders have failed to curb CO2 emissions. She called for a school strike on Friday 14 Dec.; About Greta; Greta’s TED x Talk

David Attenborough warns of civilisation collapse; “If we don’t take action, the collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon. The world’s people have spoken. Their message is clear. Time is running out. They want you, the decision makers, to act now. They’re behind you, along with civil society represented here today. Leaders of the world, you must lead. The continuation of civilization and the natural world on which we depend, is in your hands.”

Academics’ perspectives on  “12 years to disaster”

What to expect

What must be agreed – The urgency for decisive action is the imperative for COP24. The UN must press on with four major strands for meeting the Paris 1.5°C target:

  1. Reduce fossil carbon emissions.
  2. Remove carbon from the atmosphere (NETs).
  3. Halt the rise of emissions of non-CO₂ greenhouses cases (Methane, Nitrous oxide, CFCs).
  4. Investigate techniques for geoengineering, including Solar Radiation Management.

All four of these must proceed simultaneously and in parallel. COP24 must make this perfectly clear. There is utmost urgency and no time to “wait and see”.

Financial sector cannot be trusted in climate transition – sustainability and profitability in conflict.  “… private finance and large investors will play a central role at the COP24 in Katowice, Poland, and in the full implementation of the 2015 Paris Agreement.  Representatives from pension funds, insurance funds, asset managers and large banks will attend the meeting and lobby governments, cities and other banks to favour investments in infrastructure, energy production, agriculture and the transition towards a low-carbon economy.  It is difficult to ignore that a strong reliance on private finance means putting the future of Earth in the hands of individuals and institutions that brought the global economy to the verge of collapse. …  global military spending in 2017 reached US$1.7 trillion while poor countries promised funding for climate change adaptation and mitigation in 2015 are still waiting.. COP24 should not legitimise large financial investors as the architects of a transition where sustainability rhymes with profitability”.

The Great Dying – new research on the Permian extinction – an ominous reminder of what climate change can do. NYT article 

On track for 1.5C global limit by 2034 – just 16 years to cross the limit.

Big investors to the rescue? – week 2 of COP24 gets new perspective based on fear of financial system collapse.

Coal in; activists out – Polish organisers of COP criticised; Coal addiction effects in Poland (photo essay);



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