Interactive charts from the BBC website on the opening day of COP24 in Katowice. The seven charts illustrate these conclusions:

1. The world has been getting hotter each year

2. The year 2018 set all sorts of records

3. We are not on track to meet climate change targets

4. The biggest emitters are China and the US

5. Urban areas are particularly under threat

6. Arctic sea ice is also in danger

7. We can all do more to help

Yet more data to consider as I finish my presentation for the Climate Hub fringe event alongside the COP mega-event that seems to have spawned far more media attention than normally exists about human impact on Spaceship Earth, at least the temperature, compunction and circulation of our atmosphere. I will try to promote the  metaphor of finite Spaceship Earth and the transformation brought about in the Anthropocene – the geological Epoch of Humans that has accelerated beyond control of its unintended consequences during my lifetime.

I will put my power point presentation on this website when it is complete.

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