Green new deals

This article includes a video of a panel from the Sanders Institute inaugurated this week to promote progressive solutions to economic, environmental, racial and social justice issues. The panel includes Naomi Klein author of “This Changes Everything” and Bill McKibben the founder of The Green New Deal is a  proposal to create a GND committee in the  US Congress that embeds social justice into the transformation required for  keeping global warming under the targets of the IPCC Report.  The IPCC report that radical political and economic  change are rapidly required – the usual systemic tall order for both the environment and society. The original New Deal in the 1930s brought a response to crisis but it was neither ‘green’ nor ‘for everybody’.


Progressive International was also launched at the same time by the wife of Bernie Sanders and Varoufakis. It aims to counter the spread of right  wing authoritarianism by building a global progressive movement.

UK Labour Party proposed Green New Deal – 25 September 2019 – one of the most radical ever proposed.

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