Wise Earth is the home of Wise Ape (Homo Sapiens) who now has the god-like power (Homo Deus) that has made this conscious ape a new geological force that has created the Anthropocene Epoch. This article is with an astro-biologist who coined the phrase TERRA SAPIENCE  to advocate noting less than a new evolutionary transition in which homo sapiens begins to act by the rules of the Wise Earth.

learning to gracefully integrate our technological activities into the cyclic workings of the planet so that we are working with, and not against, Earth systems. For this we will need a reinvention of the human race and our ways of being in the world.

a more globally conscious humanity. It may be that a good Anthropocene, if one is to arise or be created, will come after some period of catastrophe.   The 21st century is a very dangerous time for humanity. But if you look several hundred years or 1000 years in the future, it’s possible we will have learned some lessons, maybe some of them the hard way, and evolved toward a planetary scale existence. There’s a growing ability to perceive the world globally, and there is certainly the possibility of nonlinear change in human dynamics, as well as nonlinear change in global dynamics.

 So we can’t continue to act with a Holocene mindset of not worrying about the global consequences of our actions. TERRA SAPIENCE   means literally, wise Earth. It implies identifying with the earth with our planetary stewardship to the point that it becomes integrated into the way we operate. The bare minimum of being a truly intelligent species means operating in a way that doesn’t threaten our future. We are operating on a planetary scale. So we have to integrate that knowledge into the way we conduct ourselves. That to me is sort of another stage of evolution, that we haven’t quite reached, but that we can talk about, and we can envision.  There are encouraging examples: I mentioned the ozone solution. There are also examples from the area of public health, where we’ve achieved enough global cooperation to wipe out some dangerous diseases. So to me, Terra Sapience is achieving the state where it’s second nature to think on a planetary scale in order to thrive over the long term.


 GH – Do the current politics of exclusion and intolerance have a place in the good Anthropocene?

DG – Absolutely not.  I don’t see how we can achieve a good outcome for our species or for the biosphere without a more inclusive vision of what it means to be human.  You can see this playing out in the current refugee crisis being exacerbated by climate change. We can’t focus societal efforts on global solutions if we’re fighting with each other, and reinforcing our borders against people displaced because of climate change. There are just going to be more refugees, and more displaced people, and more conflict.  In the long run, these are linked concepts; human justice and environmental justice.



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