CFCs & HFCs update

This article from The Conversation includes two short video presentations updating on the depletion of the ozone layer and the not-so-successful as thought united effort to curb the use of CFCs in refrigeration and air conditioning machines. The Montreal Protocol of 1987 has long been regarded as a rare success story in the face of environmental damage with global consequences.  Recently an increase in CFC use has been traced to the manufacturing of building insulation material in China.

This second article is from Jeremy Williams’ blog on the environmental costs of refrigeration from the estimated 1,4 billion fridges worldwide and 1,6 billion air conditioning units. HFCs replaced CFCs but they still make a major contribution to global warming if not to ozone depletion.

Yet another example of the unintended consequences of technological development that brings benefits but grave unintended long-term costs to humanity,

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