Opposing US Republican Party Climate Denial

My American friend Charlie Goldman today sent me this illuminating article from Vox that explains the opposition of the Republican (GOP) Party in the US to accepting and acting on the evidence about climate disruption. The article also explains their commitment to policies that further develop and subsidise fossil fuel production. The Republican Party and the Trump cabinet, are among all other nations, isolated in this stance as the meeting of COP 23 in Bonn this week illustrates. The writer of this article examines their  anti-progressive core values that help to explain this exceptional intransigence. It advocates an aggressive fight (agonism) against the conservative elites that goes beyond the use of the scientific evidence to try and persuade the deniers of the dangerous trajectory of carbon emissions now threatening the future equilibrium of the global atmosphere.


“But it may be time to face the fact that there is no magic message, no persuasive strategy, that can get us out of this mess. There’s no persuading the conservative base without conservative elites and there’s no persuading conservative elites as long as their material interests point the wrong direction. …
“For Democrats, raising intensity would mean making it a fight, staking a claim, defining the core values involved, telling vivid stories with heroes and villains and repeating them frequently. It would mean making climate change and clean energy tier-one priorities — organizing around them, talking about them at every opportunity, pushing them into the news and popular culture.

“It would mean, rather than begging Republicans for assent or small scraps of policy assistance, doing everything possible to publicize their intransigence and make it core to their identity. Tie it around their necks every time a microphone appears; make them own it. …
“The weather is only getting worse, young people are only getting more engaged, and clean energy is only getting cheaper. Climate change and clean energy will be winning issues in the long term.

“Why not claim and own them while it’s still possible? Then the GOP’s motto in the 2020s can be: ‘Hey, We Like Clean Energy Too!'”

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