UN Sustainable Development Goals in Graphics

This extremely helpful pdf “People and the Earth”  has been produced by the Dutch government’s Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) which at this site is a very valuable source of current information about the predicament of Spaceship Earth in the Anthropocene Epoch.

PBL, an independent research agency, lists its core tasks as:

  1. to investigate and document current environmental, ecological and spatial quality and to evaluate policy;
  2. to explore future social trends that influence environmental, ecological and spatial quality and to evaluate possible policy options;
  3. to identify social issues of importance to environmental, ecological and spatial quality and raise them for discussion;
  4. to identify possible strategic options for achieving government objectives in the fields of the environment, nature and spatial planning.
    “People and the Earth” is a free download and is introduced as follows:With the adoption of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the world committed to an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable world. The corresponding objectives, laid down in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), emphasise the importance of managing the environment and natural resources to further both human development and the well-being of the global population.

Although I am  currently preparing a seminar that raises doubts about whether development as exponential GDP growth makes the phrase ‘sustainable development’ and oxymoron, the noble intentions of the UN to combat both human poverty and planetary destruction are highly laudable and brilliantly displayed in the free-download pdf.

TED Talk on SDG progress (or lack of) after 3 years.

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