Circular economy & its impact

Reported new research in Vienna has calculated that converting from our current throwaway (MAKE-USE-DISCARD) economy to a  100% circular (REDUCE-RE-USE-RECYCLE) economy would make little impact on the level of greenhouse gas emissions:

“… even if the world achieved 100 percent recycling, our total carbon footprint would be reduced by less than 1.6 percent (from 9,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent per person annually to 8,856 kilograms). Considering that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s “safe” scenario for 2050 requires a more than 50 percent reduction in carbon emissions, this can seem like a drop in the bucket.”

Several studies that attempt to throw light on the ‘circular economy’ has become a a “buzzword”, were released in a June 2017 issue of the peer-reviewed Journal of Industrial Ecology entitled “Exploring the Circular Economy.” The issue contains 25 articles written by university and institute-based researchers from around the world.

“Exploring the Circular Economy.” You can read the entire issue here. All articles are currently provided free on the Journal of Industrial Ecology site.

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