UN World Population Day

This short video  is from the BBC website on 11 July – WORLD POPULATION DAY –  as global human population approaches 7.6 billion.

When the first World Population Day was marked in 1990, the global population stood at a little over five billion. It’s now over half that again, measuring 7.6 billion. [When I was born in 1940, the global population was 2.3 billion after taking the whole of human history (2 million years?) to reach that level – more than this number of additional humans has been added in the 27 years since 1990 to more than triple human population since WWII. This is the fundamental reason for the so-called Great Acceleration of human impact on the planet that has led to the new geological Human Epoch – THE ANTHROPOCENE. 93% of all the concrete in the world is estimated to heve been deposited during the Great Acceleration since WWII as has the recent high global average level of 400 ppm of CO2 inthe atmosphere that means that humans are now heating the planet at an alarming rate.]

July 11 is now the day each year when the United Nations tries to bring attention to the importance of population issues. So where is it growing fastest and will it ever slow down? We’ve taken a look at a few of the numbers.

[The likelihood of World Population Day and the  implications of consequent human planetary impact receiving much attention in the mainstream media is very small. We are too preoccupied with the antics of Donald Trump].

Another short video from Growthbusters illustrates public ignorance and indifference to runaway population growth.

And  here Paul Ehrlich of Stanford University has his say  after a career-long battle to warn of the dangers of owverpopulation.

Finally a report on 2017 as the year hopes of population control were dashed in another Trump America FIrst policy shift.

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