Communicating Climate Change

Yale Climate Connections is a pressure group that tries to educate the public, particularly in the US currently led by a climate change denying President, about the latest science on climate disruptions and how to communicate it. This link reviews 12 books that offer advice on how to communicate ideas and facts about what is happening to to the global atmosphere.

Communicating climate change has been part of the core mission of Yale Climate Connections since its inception nearly a decade ago. But in the years since then, the particulars of the problem, and even some of the underlying assumptions, have changed. Especially in a year already marked by jaw-dropping denials of reality (political and historical and also climatic) and numerous acts of protest, it’s worth reviewing how the thinking about the challenge of communicating climate change has evolved.

Hence this review of key books and reports on communicating climate change – in two parts. The first part, available below, covers the years 2006 to 2014. The second part here covers 2015 to the present. It contains several free downloads.

Long-time environmental activist Paul Hawken, Executive Director of Project Drawdown, has edited a Penguin anthology entitled Drawdown­—The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming. Made up of a series of essays, this book lays out 100 substantive solutions to climate change, based on peer-reviewed research and existing projects around the world. Here is a link to the blurb about the book and the Drawdown website.

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