410 parts per million CO2 reached

Mauna Loa is the observatory in the mid-Pacific where the first readings of CO2 concentrations were established by Keeling. The latest recorded reading of 410 ppm was the highest ever and 10 points above last year’s level. The UN goal is to keep CO2 concentratins wo rldwide to a limit of 400 ppm and the environmentalist organisation led by Bill Kibben is 350.org. The latter movement’s ambition for a 350 ppm limit is now far surpassed.

This article from Common Dreams reports and links the climatic measurement to the Marches for Scientists and for Climate that follow in quick succession and the Trump administration withdraws support for action to ameliorate climate disruption due to human activity.

If you enter CO2 in the search option of this blog, you will find links to several recent articles that reinforce the news of rapid progression in the unpreceented rise of GHGs (green house gases)

2 thoughts on “410 parts per million CO2 reached”

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPaTAC29W2I – this video is from 2013. It is from the Arizona State University’s Origins Project directed by Lawrence Krauss who chairs a panel of leading scientists on the theme of Climate Change and what to do about it. Four years on, it is instructive to reflect on what progress has or has not been made. These Origins Project events on Youtube are all very instructive and well worth the couple of hours that each requires to experience.


  2. Human civilisation has flourished over the last 11,000 years under relatively stable climate conditions and sea levels in a period known as the Holocene, which has provided a “safe operating space” for global societal development. However, we have already left the Holocene temperature range. Reestablishing Holocene conditions of less than 325 ppm CO2e would be safe for humanity, especially given that so much of human civilisation comprises coastal settlement and delta/flood plain agriculture. A small global warming above the level of the Holocene begins to generate a disproportionate warming on the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets. Even a moderate sea level rise of 1–2 metres in less than a century would produce a change in coastlines that is unprecedented for human civilisation. These circumstances constitute the climate emergency.


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