Speaking truth to power

Chomsky and Krauss in conversation in this two-part video about the responsibility of intellectuals to use reason and science to  confront the manifold injustices brought about by the misuse of power. Actions have consequences. You do not have to be an intellectual to see how the vested interests in perpetuating the use of fossil fuels and debt-driven economic activity impact on a sustainable future. Similarly the illusion of powerful states that they have the unique right to dictate the destiny of other states, e.g. American & British exceptionalism, needs to be exposed by those capable of critical analysis of the consequences. We  live in an age where power and political ambition creates the “truths” that distort reality and work against social justice, universal human rights and the planet’s capacity to sustain a future for our grandchildren. This CASE website is just  one modest attempt to disseminate the ideas of those who speak truth to power. But, like Chomsky and Krauss, I feel compelled to do my own modest best as my  life approaches its final years.

This short article from ‘Conversations’, the outlet for academic journalists, draws on the attempts of dissidents to throw light on the current manipulation of ‘fake news’ by those in power during the communist era of distorting propaganda. The situation today, as in the earlier era, requires us to ‘speak truth to power’. Solzhenitsyn, Havel and Sakharov feature in the account.

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