Human Impact = 170 x Nature’s Effects?

This article reports a  new study published in the journal relating to the development of human activity as the predominant geological force on the Earth that has led to the concept of the Anthropocene geological period of unprecedentedly rapid change in the natural world. The calculations suggest a rate of change in atmospheric temperatures induced by human activity 170 times faster than natural  processes. For the mathematically minded, they provide an equation that illustrates the new geological phenomenon. The advent of the Trump administration staffed by climate change deniers is seen as a major setback as this quotation suggests:

“While the rate of change of the Earth system needs to drop to zero as soon as possible, the next few years may determine the trajectory for millennia. Yet the dominant neoliberal economic systems still assume Holocene-like boundary conditions—endless resources on an infinite planet. Instead, we need ‘biosphere positive’ Anthropocene economics, where economic development stores carbon not releases it, enhances biodiversity not destroys it and purifies waters and soils not pollutes them.”

“While it would seem imprudent to ignore the huge body of evidence pointing to profound risks, it comes at a challenging time geopolitically, when both fact-based world views and even international cooperation are questioned. Nowhere has this been clearer than in the U.S. in recent weeks.”

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