Merchants of Doubt

This video of a documentary film shockingly exposes the deliberate and wicked distortion of scientific findings that was employed to delay for 50 years the truth about the consequences for health of smoking tobacco and how similar strategies are now being used by corporate interests to sow doubt about the scientific evidence relating to anthropogenic global warming (AGW). The perpetrators of these tactics are the hugely wealthy corporations that benefit from the profits they accumulate, firstly from the tobacco industry and now from the production and distribution of fossil fuels. The most shocking aspect of the deception is how ‘deniers’ were bought to tell their lies and to defame the scientists and the vicious slanders that were employed for mercenary gain against serious researchers, particularly by PR men and think tanks funded by corporate interests.

The arrival on 8 November 2016 of climate denier confidence man Donald Trump as president-elect of the USA just at a time when the Marrakesh COP 22 meeting was attempting to implement the COP 21 Paris commitments, is a profound setback for Spaceship Earth and future generations.

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