“Make the planet hot again”

This dynamic graph puts to rest the arguments of climate deniers about the causes of global warming and associated climate changes. AGW = anthropogenic warming that is firmly  the major cause of atmospheric and oceanic heating that again is as high as it was 15 million years ago. It is probably unlikely to have much impact on the new Trump-branded ruling cadre in the US, however, unless there is a major change of ideology from expansionist values – ‘make America great’ – to sustainability values – ‘make the planet safe for future generations’ or ‘realise that we are one species with a common interest in living within the capacities o f Spaceship Earth’s support systems’. I suppose, America could be considered ‘great’ if it espused thes long-term survivalist values. Sadly, ‘Make the planet hot again’ seems to be the unspoken trajectory of current world leaders and those of us trapped by the system we have created that see expansion and growth for more, more, more as the path to  fulfilment.

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