Three hopeful mega-trends

This note is from blogger Jeremy Leggett on the occasion that the Paris Climate Agreement between 175 nations comes into force:

Colleagues, friends and valued contacts,

Today the Paris Agreement on climate change comes into force, defying doubters the world over. Many said a decarbonisation treaty could never be negotiated. In December last year it was, and every independent nation on the planet adopted it. Many thought it would not be signed in critical mass. In April it was, by 175 nations, more than any other treaty in history. Many then doubted it would be ratified by enough nations to come into force. It was: amazingly, less than a year after its adoption.

The post-Paris climate negotiations should not be viewed as a stand alone process. They take place in a world where three pertinent megatrend meta-narratives all pump wind into the sails of climate diplomacy. No one on its own would be enough to force the global energy transition underway now: it is the power of all three, acting in parallel and synergy across the full breadth of the climate-energy-information nexus, that drives the system change.

First, society is awakening in critical mass to the twin threats of climate change and air pollution, and responding.

Second, an energy insurgency is disrupting traditional energy markets fast.

Third, the energy incumbency is facing an array of serious problems not always related to the other two megatrends.

I summarise the emerging course of these megatrends each month on my website. In among all the positive developments are inevitable setbacks, but the net outcome is that the three megatrends have whipped up a fair wind in every month of 2016. My summary for October and early November follows.

You can read more here.

Best to all


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