Free downloads for ecoliteracy educators

San Francisco-based Center for Ecoliteracy has provided two free downloads of curriular materials for schools K-12 HERE.

Big Ideas: Linking Water, Power, and Sewer in K-12 highlights learning objectives that are essential to understanding the interconnectedness of San Francisco and the surrounding ecosystem. It offers successful education strategies as well as sample student activities, and is aligned to Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core State Standards, and History-Social Science Standards for California Public Schools. It aims to:

  • maximize student participation by engaging students in collaborative work;
  • increase students’ ability to support their thinking by using evidence;
  • create opportunities to share student thinking through the use of visual representations, data, oral presentations, and use of internet sources;
  • prompt students to synthesize information, make connections, and draw conclusions;
  • encourage students to analyze historical and current events through the lens of environmental justice;
  • develop students’ willingness to speak up and take risks; and
  • apply analytic thinking to content materials.

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